2013 off to a spinning start.

This year see’s the likes of spin not encountered since the glory days of our own bad boy, the sheik of tweak himself

Shane Warne.

shane warne spin

It is obvious that Liberal party central has been busy hatching the next series of smear scandals for the election year. First off the rank is some damage control as Tony Abbott’s credibility with the female vote has taken a pounding last year.

Tony Abbott is his own worst enemy with a propensity to inappropriate comments policy made on the run that is easily linked to his past indiscretions.  It would seem his brief foray into journalism did not teach him much about the art of effective communication. Tony likes to dumb it down, to three word slogans or just one word “NO”. KISS it.  This must serve as a nightmare to those charged with the job of trying to control information flow from a man who opens his mouth to constantly change feet.

Obstinate, obstructive avoidance using fear and smear is the Tony strategy.  This avoids having to  complicate things with detailed policy or vision. This man has a perpetual get out of free card with mainstream media. Even his book escaped a review.  Whilst we are all shaking our heads wondering how the opposition were not called to account in a treacherous plot to seize government by abuse of process in the courts, the media is more interested  in portraying Abbott  as the champion of IVF and all things feminine.

And so the inning starts with none for none.

First off is a top spinner.

Here we go

In a piece for Mary Claire much hyped by the Telegraph, Peta Credlin would have us believe that Tony Abbott was the champion of the modern feminist movement.

Credlin, is married to senior Liberal Party director Brian Loughnane who will be running Abbott’s campaign for the Lodge.

Credlin asserts that the evidentiary proof is in the fridge. She contradicts in a wild delivery that “the sensitive Tony she knows” never said “Abortion was the easy way out”.

Credlin appeals that umpire loudly “Abbott did not say that”!!!!!!. The hot spot and third umpire dismisses this as a “fibbers” appeal, easily debunked by simply reading his own Blog in an article “Rate of abortion highlights our moral failings” authored march 2004.

Strait from Abbott’s website Here

This ball is dangerously wide and smashed for a courageous quick two by Nicola Roxson describing the puff piece as a gender tactic.

Nice Hit Nicola

Then we have the revelation by Christopher Pyne that Tony helped me through my IVF . He loves IVF after all it’s in his parliamentary fridge.   A googly in the truest sense, delivered with all the bowling prowess of John Winston Howard again wide of  the keeper

A very Un-Australian


howard bowl

None of two

This was followed by another googly in the Telegraph, who parroted much the same thing.

A carbon copy of the previous googly everyone saw coming

The third act to this tale of feminine enlightenment is the disclaimer by one Andrew Robb. This sees the return of the dangerous reverse spin. You know that one? That’s when the spinner states that that anyone attacking spin with fact is using spin.

Robb’s Reverse Spin

The interesting thing about reverse spin, especially when the first word is “desperate” is it smacks of utter desperation.

There is no doubt that the selectors at Liberal Propaganda central made some serious errors of judgment last year that saw a series go from bad to worst. Such negativity of team spirit both directly and by affiliation see’s this team talentless and remiss of real leadership. The constant tactic of playing the man not the ball is reminiscent of bodyline.

Low points last year include:

  • Ashbygate/Slippergate: Loss
  • Thomsongate: Loss
  • Carbongate:Loss
  • AWUgate:Loss
  • Jonesgate (Destroy the Joint Died of shamegate):Loss
  • Economygate:Loss
  • Benardibeastygate:Loss


bishop-peta-credlin small


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3 Responses to 2013 off to a spinning start.

  1. LOVO says:

    Ricky, love the pic of JH… ah such a wonderful memory….JH always bowls wides….howzat 😆

  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Ricky, love the cricket analogy 😆
    The problem with Abbotts game is that rather than taking the crease, he’s trying to bat from silly mid off, and he bowls like he’s throwing a punch 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

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