Fantastic article of the serial hypocritic megalomaniac Ray Hadley by Peter Wicks


If there is one thing that really makes the public sick, it is hypocrisy.

There has been a lot of talk regarding hypocrisy of late with organised religion facing the prospect of the Royal Commission into sexual abuse. It always strikes a raw nerve when someone who preaches morality acts in such an immoral manner.

However it not just the religious that preach morality, there are those who are paid to do it on a daily basis on our airwaves. These radio hosts discuss politics and corruption and put forward their opinion on everything from the price of milk to corruption at the highest levels.

Ray Hadley, as you may be aware is a radio host on 2GB, a job that many would describe as a shock-jock. Ray is also involved in the Rugby League or NRL commentary on Channel 9 and also writes columns for New Ltd’s Daily Telegraph…

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